The art of transforming conflicts into freedom, understanding and sustainable results.




A situation you did not ask for. It can be anything. A forced resignation, a divorce, disappointing results, health issues, tensions in relationships.

Business or private. In your family, in your studies or sport. Problems with friends or colleagues.

Do you recognize the powerless feeling that you want to change something but you are not able to?


Do you want to learn how you can solve problems yourself, effectively and sustainably?

Do you want to understand what it is really about in communication?

Do you want to contribute to freedom, connection, peace, sustainable solutions, trust, and positivity? Without compromising?

If that is the case, you are welcome to participate in our TOP training to become a (transformative) leader, mediator and life coach.


You will learn how to get the sting out of the conflict. The thing that is nagging beneath the surface. The thing you cannot seem to get a grip on.

When the sting is out of the conflict, you will feel free again. A space is created in which anything is possible again. This is transformation. The feeling you might know as “when the penny drops”. You understand it. You can move on. The problem is actually solved. Without compromise, without settling. That is the art of transformative conflict resolution.


We often think that when two fight, two are necessary to solve the issue. It can be, but it is not necessary.

The method we use makes it possible to solve problems, independently from the other, independently from the circumstance. We are unique in this. This is wat makes our method applicable everywhere, to everything.

When the other party does not want a seat at the table or simply cannot join the conversation, you still have the opportunity to solve the issue with that person in a true and sustainable way. It is very effective and special. In this way, you can work as a mediator or a life coach. Also, as a mental coach or business coach. And even as a counselor or an engagement manager. You can simply apply the skills everywhere.

Wherever there are people, there are conflicts and the method is applicable regardless of the nature of the issue or the number of people involved.


We want you to be successful. That you are able to solve issues to everyone’s content. You will learn by experience, because only in that way, it will stick. And you will also be able to pass this method on. It’s like learning how to ride a bike.

  • In the training, you will learn how you can solve conflicts yourself. Independent from the other or the circumstances. In that way, you will feel balanced, free in your contact with others, and you are able to break open old and entrenched patterns. You will understand how conflicts arise and what the key is in solving them.
  • With gained insights, you will go on to also make difference for others. As a transformative leader, mediator and life coach, you are the link. You will ‘translate’. You will take away the noise. Insight, understanding and freedom will arise. People will communicate again on one line and they are able to work things through together. They will choose solutions with which they are both completely content. No compromise or settlement, but a win-win.


Transformation Of (old) Pain

Transformation Of (unsolved) Problems

Transformation Of (unconscious) Processes


  • People who want to apply mediation and coach experiences in their lives
  • People who want to develop themselves in personal effectiveness and leadership
  • People who want to professionally work as mediators or coaches
  • People with gut, who want to make a difference: doctors, teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, sportspersons, coaches, trainers, managers, students … people like you and I.

“The course material and the stuff we learned are immediately applicable in practice”

“Special about this training is that the way of working goes so much further than what you can say about it on paper. Working with the group has been a special experience, because learning how to mediate, was  not a trick, but it’s about actual lives and people. Additionally, some preconceptions came to my attention and it made me realise I do not need them anymore. My life has become so much lighter!”

“Clear techniques how to get the sting out of a problem. Insights in several processes that play a role in this. Insights in my own walls and recognizing these in order to remain neutral in conversations. In short, a great training that I can recommend to everyone!”

“Very knowledgeable, experienced and committed trainers! Keen approach that is applicable immediately”

“I have become aware of the pattern in which we as people become entangled and how this affects our behaviour and our judgments of the outside world. This realisation is an unmatched tool in every mediation and I am happy that I have become aware of that”


  • Learning by doing
  • Plenary sessions, subgroups and role playing
  • Mutual coaching (buddy system)
  • Private projects and individual coaching
  • Assignments in between the training blocks
  • Maximum of 10 participants
  • Two trainers with extensive practical experience
  • Practice, practice, practice


  • Perceptions: nothing is as it seems
  • Communication: (non)verbal
  • Listening: to each other or alongside each other?
  • The start of conflicts and the role of emotions
  • Impact on health, relationships, well-being and happiness
  • Overcoming deadlocks
  • Communication on one line: anything is possible!
  • The power of authenticity
  • Effectively to results: goal oriented to sustainable solutions

“That you do not need the other one to solve the conflict in a way you’re satisfied with is very special!”


“That I can listen without judgment and be able to let people think and say what they want, without getting upset over it. That feeling of freedom in yourself is wonderful!”

“It takes You to be the change”


During the whole training you will get personal coaching and training from Chiquita Welmerink and her team. Chiquita is the authority when it is about transforming conflicts.

Chiquita worked as a professional business lawyer specialised in insolvency. When she discovered an alternative and transformative way of conflict resolution she couldn’t do anything else anymore than follow that path to freedom, connection and results that gives peace, fulfillment and happiness for all the parties. For more than 20 years she helped thousands of people transforming issues and conflicts. In the Netherlands and abroad.

No settlements and compromises anymore. That is what win-win is all about. And that is all about love.


Three blocks of two days.

First day: 10 AM – 6.30 PM with dinner afterwards.
Second day: 9 AM – approximately 6 PM

In between the blocks, you will get assignments to bring into practice what you have learned, to experience it and to apply it.


TOP-Training TCR 
28 and 29 March 2019
11 and 12 April 2019
25 and 26 April 2019


After completing the training to become a mediator and life coach, you are able to:

  • Get the sting out of a conflict
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be the link, so people can understand themselves and each other
  • Translate deadlocks to their needs and interests
  • To connect people with each other
  • To trust on the ability of people to solve things themselves
  • To transform conflicts to solutions that people are truly happy with


We choose locations that fit the atmosphere of the training: personal, authentic, warm and involved. This is our location in Wapenveld.


€ 3.997,- excluding VAT

The price includes

  • 6 times lunch, 3 times diner
  • Extensive course material
  • Lots of inspiration
  • Tailored coaching to what you need
  • Personal attention
  • Practical guidance how to apply what you have learned in practice
  • Two professional trainers
  • For three months afterwards: free participation in Q&A sessions

Payment in instalments is also possible (3 instalments). Please contact us about this.

“That I can solve the problem myself without requiring action from the other, is truly a relief.”


Not a little trick but truly an art!”


“I have done many trainings, but this one really goes to the heart. Exactly what it is all about. Great!”


“I now understand how I can keep my energy and help others more effectively. Fantastic!”

Josienpsychiatric nurse

“As a lawyer, you can mean so much more than I thought. So much more relaxing for me as well. Clients are happy and my files do not pile up. That’s also a win-win!”


“Immediately applicable in contact with patients and colleagues. Great!”